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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  September 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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but impossible shots fired at an officer on the freeway. officers possibly done. none none none calls from the freeway shouldn't that left a chp officer in the hospital. the sudden shutdown of giving a personal plea to the voters saw smut. what she said a month in store for tonight. trouble moisture heading toward the bay area. some overnight road were just picked up for downtown oakland completed the officer's name is tinian
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young strong. we have wide team coverage. at last word still in critical condition. he has been visited by a lot of his fellow officers his local family his extended family from down in seven california. officer he was shot yesterday morning but the driver of a cheap at over on 680 in the alamo. this is the exclusive soft on video. the
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witness this is the second officer shoot up to 10 times shattering the jeeps wind up. i saw when the cops start shooting the gun that was in the jeep. as soon as he shot the gun in the jeep he run to the police guard in call for backup. it was last registered to a person in a point. the restaurant owner couldn't afford the registration. we do have some-cambodia that were going to analyze is it exactly what happened. officers or holding a press conference a little bit later on this morning to give us more information. that is expected at 11 this morning. we will keep you posted on the officers condition here at john muir medical center call this
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morning. more details are emerging but the state highway patrol officer that is fighting for his life. friends and family are hoping for the best this morning. chp officers are sang there is little hope for the officer. he graduated from the chp academy in 2005. he's a family man husband and father of two sons and two daughters. before the chp he was an army reserves. it's a time that we reflect it's a time to remember that when we get up and russia to eat at the job that we have we may not be coming home. every time you get in your craw there is fatalities have occurred. this morning officer
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youngster is being treated at john muir medical center and is in mentioned he was in critical condition but last night. officer young trumpet is from the field in place that martina's for five years. a pit first call about the shooting on interstate 680 came about 820 in the morning. ho ho hoss of the shots fired on an officer on the freeway. the officer found a young street and shot the young strum lynn had for help in turn to the insurance side. the shooting caused a huge back up on interstate 680 all day yesterday. the northbound else off the lanes were completely shut down throughout the morning. the south the minds of the start opening up until 5:00 that afternoon. for the latest
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on the shooting of an log on to cbs us sap doc,. have seen firsthand that being president doesn't change to you are. it reveals who you are. president bill clinton said to take stage this evening at the democratic national convention in north carolina. the first lady and a rising star from texas were big hits with the partisan court crowd last night. too good speakers will speeches the well-received. her speech was very well received. she lit up her case for why ameritech should give her husband for more years. the shuttle, head of one on
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the convention floor on their feet. some had tears in their eyes as mrs. obama spoke passionately about her husband. i've seen firsthand that the president doesn't change to you are. the lease deals to you or. she says this president is a man whose upbringing in family brought values means to look out for all americans. that's what he cut taxes for working families and small businesses and fought to get the auto industry back on its feet. of the first lady stood mostly away from politics keynote speaker at the pool yet castro dove right in. he got the fron hotel fire out. four years ago america stood on the brink of a depression despite an incredible odds. and united republican opposition are president of action. now we have
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seen 4.5 million new jobs. tonight president know, and will be the start. he's expected to share how he got the economy going. and what he believes president obama can do it as well. when he left office the academy was in a far better condition than when he took office. also today in a row, vote will officially nominate president obama and joe biden. he the president travels is anyone comparing the first and speech to any thing and romney said? absolutely they are. both speeches were very well received by the convention floor. both women talked about the dating days with their husbands. the
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talks and tried to pick up the very much to women. what about the mayor from san antonio? a harvard grad from 35 years old. at the dnc eight years ago brought obama got his in his first look at national attention. but castro is justice joyce as a keynote speaker. he's really rising star in the party. it's indicative of how important the hispanic vote is. of course cbs five how live reports from the democratic national convention drop the week.
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we could see a couple of sprinkles around that area. so far recorded by you concede just the stuff the beginning of some showers just off the coast line are around monterey bay. the continued to rotate up from the south as we had throughout the day to day. of into heavy nonetheless it could be a little bit what at times. as we head towards the afternoon but will see more tropical moisture quickness with across our scuds. still no big hot spots out
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there prepared his a live look coming for one-on-one. if a class in the golden gate bridge to concede things are nice and let this morning. the war once again the jury road work and should be taking a step that as we speak. north and south of overnight both directions picked up. with this morning police in vallejo a news conference about a fatal shooting involving officers three days ago. if 23 year-old suspect was shot and killed after he brandished a what a cut the arm in the early hours of sunday morning. he
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refused to obey orders to put his hands up. the front line is out of a drug induced, and is speaking with visitors for the first time since suffering from a heart attack. since some of them infants had been staying at the regional medical center in san jose. rind's remains in intensive care at least for a couple more days but is making great progress. and firefighters are trying to stop in northern california while far from spreading even further. it's putting in a remote area of collusive county near state highway 16 south of highway 20. it began yesterday afternoon as two separate fires that have since merged. it has burned 500 a. of rugged terrain. because it's a remote area in the building's other threatened at this point. the fire is 10 percent contained. the seven
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california crews are slowly making progress and at 3600 wild fire above the sousa. in the san gabriel mountains. a three day of fire is out 50 percent contained and is not threatening any populated areas. seven firefighters have had to be treated for minor injuries. the nfl starts season tonight with replacement referees. but the restaurant getting recognized for its fancy bathroom. this is far better than any chicken crossing the road. the video you have to see. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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assumed the debt has gone viral. this is a view of ducklings belief also link their mother across seven lanes of interstate traffic. as cars and trucks roar but this little family dodgers as best they can. somehow this lucky duck and her babies arrive apparently on skate. or pretty " on the roads
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everywhere you go. a lot of overnight work is still being picked up across the area. horsing busy traffic conditions of what across the golden gate bit. system will work in mines or on southbound 680. reston to do seven years of the gun ballot seven is looking good out of milpitas and heading toward san jose. the west and
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uncommitted direction from and that were seeing some further signs of late rights. popular drive times for these state still look pretty good. nodal debbie shore free weight. with a chance for showers out there today. a lot of clubs and some fog as he approached the coast line. as we had throughout the day today we've got some tropical moisture that sliding up into the bay area.
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temperatures so and '80s even some low 90s and inland. a lot of moisture running its way up into the air right now. it could bring a chance of some key showers. but none of the list to report appeared above 70 degrees if you're traveling around the country. the temperature is moving up into the '70s and also reduced and '60s towards the coast line. '60s and '70s to up the bay. the big interest in
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part of the forecastle be the next couple days when the tropical moisture makes his way across our skies. the temperatures to back up at this weekend's. police believe the man who fired a gun during a rally in montreal was studying the new premier of quebec. the gunfire erupted during a midnight run rally. she was whisked off to stage and was not heard. one person in the crowd was killed and another was wounded. the seven identified the shooter only as a 50 year-old man. balance time for the pro football season to start tonight in new jersey. the giants unhorsing the cow wars. the league locked in a labor dispute with the referees union means a pleasant you referees will be used to officiate games tonight. football is by nature a
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chaotic and violent game. the nfl must do all it can to bring order and safety to it. it goes on as planned. at the next game was originally scheduled for tomorrow but was moved so it would not be on a the same time as president obama speech at the democratic national convention. is the starkest a new low: 2 $17 per share. c l one of shirt sat in the fisheries for least another year. apple is expected to unveil the successor to that- for ask next week. this is the invitation sent to reporters. it shows a big 12 indicating the date of event and it cast a
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shadow that forms the no. 5. latest from will be tendered along a screen and work with faster wireless networks. people are voting on line and end no contest at the supply company. when the top 10 finalists is in downtown san francisco. it hugs the todd restaurant. it's restroom has hand-painted wallpaper and antique wall fixtures and very nice customers. sent to cisco restaurants are so small that every bit of real estate matters. other top actors include in ego friendly fletcher at the hollywood bowl if you want to check that out. in a million dollars from room at a vigorous nightclub. the giants called hope
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comeback kids. incredible delta and a shot that went back row,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at his insurance above at
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home again today after a lot to us tonight. the justice added that in the seventh but arizona scored two in the 11th and the giants a 826. the superstar phenom from wet and muddy put a lid on the board and coulbe dangerous whenn to win 61. and a briton laura scott. at the sports announcers, this 22 you're to make a play that would be a difficult for any able-bodied person to do it. making it look easy. one more time sweet shot. in opposing the
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much through 21. a california family andersen kicked off a flight. what it claimed that the airline would let them in first class. adjourn for the officer who were shot yesterday in critical condition this morning at john muir medical center. we have exclusive footage right after the incident could a standing ovation for mrs. obama.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. are now hearing that one man
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calls from a freeway shooting that has a chp officer fighting for his life occurred a forced the fighters of the club at the dnc. exclusively to of the month after a chp officer is shot on the freeway. i heard the shot so that's when i look around and i saba, when he was speeding up the gun in the jeep. the officer is still in critical condition here at john muir medical center. hours lived michelle obama stands by her man and why was the crowd. i have seen firsthand had been president doesn't change to
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our it leads the hills who you are. still analysts expecting to end of the successor to the- floor as next week. she s is his p. officers shot during a traffic stop on highway 680 in the alamo is on life support this morning. a officers seen this note car seats of a quicker to come. at last word he still in critical condition. other officers from around the state as well as his family and extended family in southern
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california have been keeping vigil here the hospital all night. it would shut yesterday morning but the driver of a jeep over on highway 680 in our mo. you're looking at stuff on video from a witness who saw the ball was right after the officers were shot. most of the scenes to try to show on television. i heard the shot so that's one of look around at us of a cut shooting the cheap. the density to chp cars in the video one front and that is the one that young to was driving. the car in back of the cheap was what the second officer was ready. the second officer had been instrumental paramedics arrived. the suspect was driving a jeep was registered to in order in he did
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point. the other hit one for more information on the suspect. we will keep you posted this morning on officer young's condition as he continues to hang on to read john muir medical center. the investigation is ongoing by the sheriff's office in the district attorney's office. will be more about chp the officer young. chp says offers the on strums a and friends and family are asking for everyone's prayers this morning. officers fear there is little hope for his recovery. he's a family man husband and devoted husband of four children prepared eel was an army reserves before the chp.
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we appreciate all costs and concern from the public of the media and every family and friends that have poured their concerns toward us. we think you very much. a dozen justice us if it's the public as well. with the to provide a service for you and support you. it's everybody. i've done him for a short period of time and the family and his family will be and our prayers and thoughts. we need to stay focused on that and taking care of each other. chp is a family organization and this incident has affected all of them. according to the contra costa times the shooting was the first serious one of the incident for bit area chp officer since 2007 when another officer was killed after he slammed into a tree chasing a suspected joint driver in livermore.
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hopeless, about the shooting on interstate 680 came about 820 in the morning. how report possible shots fired at officers it on the freeway. officers possibly done. the officer who felt was a youngster in and shot the suspect with different and the turned youngster inside. the shooting caused a huge back on interstate 680 all afternoon and all morning. up north and south of lines were completely shut down throughout the morning. stuffed dumplings and the sudden opening up zero until 5:00 in the afternoon. drivers were diverted to hire 24 well investigators were on the scene. you cannot of this latest hope it's on cbs the outcome. , glass and subtropical
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moisture coming in across skies lit kind of quiet so far. so that widely scattered done for the santa cruz mountains. down here so that sliding in towards the moderate day. as hunter sought out of this up into parts of the santa cruz mountains. with that mind concerning a little bit unsettled crude lots of clouds right now. the pitcher's mound in the '50s and as we head towards the afternoon will keep those towards one side. hopper were continuing to do quite nicely on a road so far this morning at 536. things are
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doing a little busy on less than 580. if we go to the next up the concede the drugs come across the stretch. it's still in the green about 50 minutes or so. it is that if so run-4. there in the process of being a road work. there is a full free will clochard an earlier glass that. didn't pick up some road work in lanes coming through morgan county on southbound 101. hopecr of the cameras but he's alive looked
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another high-profile person will join the search for sierra and the mark today. sen as a congressman is scheduled to be at the search center in morgan hill this morning. searchers have been going out every wednesday morning and saturday over the past months. san jose firefighter frank line has emerged from i, and is speaking with friends and family. he was bad and the st. patrick's cathedral fired in downtown san jose. upon immediately with yuppie that immediately ask for his closest friend and co-worker. de remember a thing? not really. i could tell you what
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all but he answered all of it. a lot of the room and told a nurse that he's back. land remains in intensive care at least for a couple more days. a gun club kids receive the consent francisco. the two sides had been disagreeing about environmental and liability issues. democrats will take in a setback in tons and as president bill clinton to extend its at the democratic national convention in north carolina. i have seen firsthand that the president does not change to you are. it changes it reveals to you are. a speech by mr. castro of
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san antonio the nation's seventh largest city. the 37 rule is considered a rising star in the democratic party. four years ago america stood on the brink of a depression. despite incredible odds. a united republican opposition of president took action and no one seemed 4.5 million new jobs. it was the first of school and the bomber said they wanted at least one parent at home with the kids. the opposite will accept his party's nomination tomorrow night. will have a live report from charlotte at 6. are streaming the convention live on our website. the u.s. government will likely hit a milestone on the national debt during the national convention. the treasury department's national
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debt clock is currently sitting at just under 16 trillion dollars and it could pass that threshold as soon as today. the democrats are today are unlikely to highlight that number. killing a taxi in san francisco was about illegal easier. a key ingredient missing from the golden arches. mcdonald's new plan to go meatless at some other rest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> this morning astronauts on the international space station are making their second space walk in a week. anita williams of nasa and a colleague from japan are trying to get a power switching box installed but first they have to address another problem of a stiff ball. they're using an assortment of tools to clean the troubles and bolt. >> you'd think it will be an interesting day? >> i said i would do the moon walk for you today. around the bay area today, what
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the clouds out there right now. low clouds and fog down below but up above we have a tropical moisture moving across the sky. mostly cloudy approaching the coastline. still some lingering clouds outside and the temperature will be on a hot side. 80-90 degrees in wind. a 20 percent chance of light showers and maybe even an isolated thunderstorm. a slight chance of a couple of scattered showers outside today. traveling around the state, maybe some raindrops by fresno. 60 degrees in monterey. around the bay you are looking good with temperatures as high as 79 degrees. 75 in mountain view. east bay temperatures running
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into the 80s and even a couple of low 90s. '70s through the delta. the next couple of days we will see those temperatures cooling- off just a few degrees but no major changes. tropical moisture moves out of town for the weekend and warmer weather is coming our way. >> right now we have a allen brooks with kcbs behind the wheel traveling down the east shore freeway and it looks pretty good right now, and 18 minute drive time from the cardenas bridge towards the maze. let's get a look at the bay bridge, a busy to meet spot in so far is in the clear. not too bad right now heading into san francisco. we continue to check the chp reports and it is pretty quiet so far this morning. they picked up overnight road
5:47 am
worked so the drive time is in the green. 101 on the peninsula, we had an earlier stall but that is the only thing we have seen so far this morning. closer to candlestick, top speeds towards downtown san francisco. all of your downtown san jose exits' look pretty good. drive sensors are picking up top speeds. east bay drive * 3 the altamont pass will continue to get busier and busier. 24, no delays as you approached the caldecott tunnel. >> stock futures point to a lower opening on wall street about 45 minutes from now. >> actually joins us now from money watch. >> overseas markets were jittery
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ahead of tomorrow's meeting of the european central bank. the nikkei index fell 1% while the hang seng lost more than 1.5%. wall street ended on a mixed note following the labor day holiday. the dow fell 55 points but nasdaq finished the day up by eight points. mark zuckerberg is friends with his shares of the company for at least another year which is easing worries of investors that a flood of new shares on the market could depress the price even further. it is now valued at less than half of its offering price. apple is expected to unveil its successor for the iphone for test next week. it showed a big 12 but it also casts a shadow has a five. and will work with faster wireless networks.
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how far will they go? >> and my hearing this right, mcdonald's is going vegetarian? >> it is a little bit different but mcdonald's plans to open restaurants in india with entirely meatless menu. the company already has 250 locations in india but those serve chicken and this will go completely without meat. i guess you can get a big bag of french fries which i would eat. >> san franciscans will soon have more taxis to get around town. a plan has been approved and
5:50 am
issued temporary permits for up to 200 more taxicabs. a field trip this week for the bart board of directors. they're heading north to check out the light rail system in portland oregon. they will visit the plants producing the light rail connectors to the oakland airport. the trip is expected to cost about $8,000. >> now we know why they call them man's best friend. >> you need a dog to walk 500 mi. to get home. >> you are not allowed to on the plane because this man saw my son in a decision >> a family says their son was kicked off a flight because he has down syndrome. how the airline is explaining its actions. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oh. well in that case, yeah, i am cool, after all. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. actually, >> high-definition doppler radar picking up some scattered showers. we will talk about a coming up >> checking roadways across the bay area, no delays so far at the golden gate bridge. no metering lights and your looking good at top speeds the route milpitas to san jose. much more on the morning commute coming up. >> take a look at some remarkable video from north carolina where a car fell into a sinkhole in durham. it ended up perpendicular to
5:54 am
the ground in an 8 ft. pole. so far there are no reports of any injuries but there is extensive damage to the front end of that car. members of a california family claim america airlines kick them off in flight because one of them has down syndrome. it happened sunday as they tried to catch a flight from new jersey to l.a.. >> we were not allowed on the plane because this man saw my son and a decision. >> the airline says the crew made the decision because the 16 year-old boy was agitated and running around the gate area prior to boarding. what you think about the airline's refusal? bill says on facebook, that pilot ought to be docked six months' pay and have to work with children like that for six months. rosie says, i can see how this could concern the pilot. you have to think of all the
5:55 am
passengers getting nervous. you can comment on facebook or twitter or e-mail us. >> it could be an extreme tail of loyalty. you need a dog to walk 500 mi. for his owner. his new home in south carolina did not allow dogs so he took off and six months later someone found him less than 10 mi. away from that home in myrtle beach. the vet use the microchip to track down the owners. >> he definitely recognize me instantly. he still remember some of his old commands and everything. >> the vet says that his keen sense of smell might have helped him find his owner.
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>> in the next half-hour, imagine going to a football game only to find that your seat does not exist. the ticket glitch at memorial stadium >> a chp officer shot yesterday on 680 is on life support this morning at john muir medical center. his family has been keeping vigil all night, we have a live report >> michele obama walling the crowd and comes out swinging for crowd and comes out swinging for her husban,,,,,,,,,,,,
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looks like it's going to start a so little um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find:
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>> the report of possible shots fired at an officer on the freeway and the officer is possibly down >> a chp officer on life support after a three-way shootout.


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